Happy Birthday Maisie Williams: 5 Adorable Instagram Posts of the Actress

Arya Stark turned out to be the most courageous character in the TV show Games of Thrones. Actress Maisie Williams, who played the role of Arya, is celebrating her birthday on April 15.

Born as Margaret Constance Williams, she took the name Maisie as her nickname after the character from the comic strip The Perishers.

At a young age, Maisie grabbed a number of awards and recognitions for her role in GoT. She has also worked in Doctor Who.

On her 23rd birthday, here is a look at some of her Instagram pictures:

Cute ‘until tomorrow’

You might have come across the internet challenge ‘until tomorrow’ in which one had to post their embarrassing pictures without any explanation. Maisie participated in the challenge and posted the below picture. She tried to keep it simple and explained, “To be quite honest I find most (all) pictures of myself embarrassing because I have really low self-esteem.”

Love and some greenery

What is more perfect in this world than finding the right partner for you? Well, the GoT star has met the love of her life and seems like she is head over heels for the guy. Most importantly, she has found self-love.

Black is beautiful

The actress got a chance to share the Emmy stage last year. Maisie Williams posted her behind-the-scenes pictures from the special day.

Paris and Louvre

A trip to Paris is incomplete without visiting the most famous monuments in the French capital, including the Louvre Museum. Maisie’s trip to the place was as iconic as the museum itself.

A little throwback

Maisie’s cuteness is undeniable. On her 21st birthday, the English actress shared a series of childhood pictures. And do we need to say anymore?

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